kicrak le fruit bonbon 

A candy fruit with an intense taste and a crispy texture. 
A delicious treat combining the benefits of the fruits and the pleasure of a candy. One and only ingredient, nothing else but the fruits.

100% fruits, naturally rich in fibres &vitamins 

No added or processed sugar
No Preservatives
No additives
No artificial flavours and colours
Naturally gluten free

nutrition fact-checking

One Banana & Pineapple serving is equivalent to 240g of fresh cut fruits.
Our cold drying process respects the fruit natural qualities and implies a high preservation of fibres, vitamins and antioxidants unlike other processed fruit preparations as fruit purees, fruit juices or fruit pastes that imply a greater alteration of the fruit key benefits.

the recipe

Step 1 – The fruits are selected at the right ripeness in our partner farms for a yummy experience.

Step 2 – The fruits are cut and immediately cold-dried to preserve all their benefits.

Step 3 – We combine two different flavours in our hermetic packaging for a delicious and everlasting tasting.

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