Our Values

Kicrak Le Fruit BonBon manufacturing and development comply with responsible approaches from social and fair labour practices with growers and suppliers to environmental sustainability. Our top-quality tropical fruits are selected and harvested manually by our certified growers at the right ripeness.

Our fruits are immediately cut and freeze dried locally to preserve their natural benefits and freshness. Our cold drying process respects the fruit natural qualities and implies a high preservation of fibres, vitamins and antioxidants unlike other processed fruit preparations as fruit purees, fruit juices or fruit pastes that imply a greater alteration of the fruit key benefits.

The long shelf life of our product with a 2 years expiration date prevent from food waste of natural products. The reduced size and weight of Kicrak Le Fruit Bonbon limit the carbon footprint during transportation moreover the product does not require to be refrigerated. All our packaging is recyclable.

Kicrak Le Fruit Bonbon is certified FSSC22000 a global certification Scheme for Food Safety Management.



Who we are

KICRAK Le Fruit Bonbon, is the outcome of a fruitful encounter between 3 passionate individuals and above all, 3 mindful and attentive dads that are caring for their toddlers healthy and balanced diet.
Considering the enormous amount of time and carefulness spent for our kids to select and built meals everyday that fit with our values and preserves all the nutriment benefits, it was just not making sense to jeopardize all our efforts when touching upon candies.

As we were considering nutrition was synonymous as well of pleasure and gluttony, but we found no real satisfying offer within the confectionery industry, we decided to create a 100% natural and delicious and crispy candy fruit for our beloved ones that they would share during celebrations or simply as a healthy snack.

With our company based in Nantes that we choose to call “From the Candy Tree” in reference to a magic candy tree that would offer its benefits, we are developing KICRAK Le Fruit Bonbon and other projects that fit with our values of respect, commitment, quality and pleasure.

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62, avenue Camus
44000 Nantes


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